Stocklots and Leftovers

Stocklots and Leftovers, are typically excess inventories- of products we produce.

Ex. If a client order 2000 units, and we produce 2100, the client refuses to buy addational 100. We are allowed to sell 100 excess units, with a permission letter from the client to sell the product in certain markets.

These often include cancelled orders by clients, if they are running late- or the client fails to pay once goods are ready.

Sometimes goods maybe de-branded or sold as is, depending on our understanding with our clients.

We provide complete documentation on trademarks on where the cancelled/excess products can be sold by clients who buy from us.

Stock Lots are best suited to sellers on Ebay ,Amazon and small retail stores, since MOQs are low, and prices are exceptionally low on clearance offers.

Many brands also get stocklots debranded and re branded with there own logo or label.

Our stock lots include:

  • Knitted Garments
  • Denim Jeans
  • Home Textiles
  • Kitchen Textiles

Please contact us, if you need any offers for stock lots available.