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“Every great design begins with an even better story.” — Lorinda Mamo

Wings Enterprises is a fast-developing and prospective multi-brand fashion manufacturer. In partnership with our clients, we create product lines with global influence. We look to establish long-term relationships and achieve mutual benefit and reciprocity through close cooperation.

“Every great design begins with an even better story.” — Lorinda Mamo

Welcome aboard to the "Wings Enterprises". Here, every design you see is filled with innovation and quality. We are British clothing manufacturers located in England, UK. Wing Enterprises is a family owned business that caters to the needs of individuals as we understand clothing is something very intimate, just like our personality. Since all humans are not the same, we bring in variety. We are proud clothing manufacturers (UK) who design apparel that sticks to our identity and expertise. Style speaks before we even say a word.


lineage runs into:

● Create compelling webs    

● Outerwear    

● Sportswear

● Casual

● Lifestyle

● Formal wear And other

accessories ite


The science behind it all the innovation and style: It is no rocket science. However, our design team are able to bring quirkiness and quality, the two essential 'q' of style to any product. Afterall, what we wear for the longest, has our heart. We have an extensive fabric library with a large selection of knitted and normal fabrics. We fight sweat, water, harsh detergent and time. Yes! Our fibers are manufactured in such a way to increase breathability and stretch. Not to forget we help you stay cool in summer and warm in winters, making this clothing manufacturer very weather-friendly. Of course, fashion is important to us too. We don't want our consumers to own top-notch clothes and not have an accessory to match it up with. All of this is designed and executed with the help of our clients who are good at what they do.

Two things we are focused on:

● Attention to detail in our designing And,

● Delivering excellence to you

Join us in the journey of mutual support by discovering the set of products and finding your own unique style that speaks about your brand with products that are one hundred percent in quality. Let your clothing discover "wings" with our brand. Influencing fashion one step at a time. A British clothing manufacturer with 304 clients, located across offices around the world including UK, Cambodia and Pakistan. Wings is a decentralised organisation with entrepreneurial spirit committed risk-taking. Wing Enterprises also has branches spread across logistics, warehouse and financing; e-commerce and marketing; fabric library; and branding and trimming. Still have questions? Or looking to be part of the journey to influence? Write to us, your queries and questions at

We have offices all round the world

3. UK –Cambodia – Pakistan


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