We offer manufacturing across all casualwear areas including: Tees & Polos, Sweats and Fleeces, Knitwear, Wovens and Shirts & Outerwear

We have partnerships with manufacturing specialising in each category in China, as well as duty ree countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Cambodia. We are able to match the perfect partner to your brand's quality, ethical and environmental standards are compiled at all times.


Category of products:

T Shirts, polo & casual shirts

Knitwear, Jumper, sweatshirts & sweatpants

Jerseywear, fleece & Hoodie Manufacturer

Promotional T Shirts (Uk)

jackets, cargo trousers & much more

Casual is the new classy~ The Wings Enterprises

Hasn't athleisure and casual loungewear become our most beloved clothing item, ever since the pandemic hit us? We have survived in that. You will probably be reading this in a t-shirt! Got you! Let's get to business, what do we offer? A wide range of clothing items including loungewear like cargo pants, casual jackets, and other athleisure items like hoodie, Harrington jackets, flees, knitwear and not to forget dynamic t-shirts that are good for any go-to needs. We are the only hoodie manufacturer (UK) partnering with brands across the globe, including China and countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh. We collaborate in an effort to provide the ultimate quality clothing items designed for everyone, suited for everything.

Things we don't compromise on:

Comfort- your work from home is going to hit another dimension with our jumpsuits and hoodie

Style- Hasn't casual been a trend on social media? You see even Mark wearing a 'T-shirt'. Yes! You can look minimal and stylish at the same time. Say hello to our brand. You can also find promotional t-shirts (UK).

Quality- The clothing material is choicest and breathable. It handles the daily wear and tear. Apparels that grow with you.

Collaborations- Our collaborations are centred on the basis of innovation and improvement. We believe in connections that are worthy of business. If you are a manufacturer anticipating a collaboration, write to us.

Are you interested in these amazing sweatpants and other modern casual wear suitable for all types of weather? Summer or winter? Browse our collection ASAP! Choose a product you like the most and order it right away. Having trouble? Don't worry our team will take care of it.




Cargo Pants


T Shirt


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Athleisure / Loungewear


Casual Jackets

Choose us if you are:
● Compromising on fashion for comfort
● In need of hoodies manufacturer UK
● Looking for athleisure lifestyle fits
● Ignoring your comfort for the style (Worry not! We have incorporated both.)
● Not having a satisfied experience with you chosen traditional brand's quality
● Passionate about our other products

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