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Wings Enterprises is dedicated to protecting the environment and purposely seeks out suppliers who takes positive action to nimise both waste and the impact of their manufacturing processes on the surrounding environment. To implement this Policy, Chilli Apparel undertakes to comply with the following principles, and enforce them in its manufacturing:

Complying with the applicable

environmental laws and regulations, paying special attention to pollution prevention and minimizing, where possible, the potential environmental impact that our supply chain generates, both as regards to natural resources and people.

Preserving the environment, implementing

actions for continuous improvement regarding reduction of direct and/or indirect greenhouse gas emissions, cutting consumption of natural resources, control and spill of potentially hazardous chemicals and cutting waste within the entire production line and in our environmental management system as a whole.

Identifying the potential environmental risk

arising from its business, for the purposes of preventing them, where appropriate. With this respect, Chilli Apparel relies on a process to identify and assess environmental risks.

Considering the environmental and social

variables, especially the consequences of climate change, water management, waste generation and protection of biodiversity, in the planning and implementation of all activities and those of our partners and suppliers,encouraging awareness-raising regarding environmental issues.

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